CSB # 2047 Recorded Live 2016 Derby Stream

Watch the 2016 Derby


1 Tyler R
2 Michael S
3 Evan G
4 Sam S
5 Dan R
6 AJ S
7 Kaidyn L
8 Tom S
9 Kody Z
10 Matt W
11 Dans L
12 Matt N
13 Chris S
14 RT D
15 Josh D
16 Andy B
17 Ethan H
18 Logan F

Battalion Cadets

51 Charlie H
52 Doug J
53 Will F
54 Chase K
55 Cullen M
56 Dalton R
57 Logan F
58 Louis P
59 Brad F
60 Chris W
61 Alex B
62 Austin B

Each boy races 4 times, once in each lane

1 point for 1st, 2 points for 2nd, etc.

In case of a tie, those with the tied points will race off with lanes chosen at random.

Photographs of all the 2016 cars 2016 Pinewood Derby Race Rotation/Schedule can be viewed here

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